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The Hermit by Katerina Grishakova
Debuts as #1 Amazon Ebook Bestseller

Publisher announces the release of an enthralling novel about a Wall Street banker’s exit from the rat race

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — April. 1, 2024Heresy Press announces the launch of The Hermit, the story of a successful Wall Street banker who considers career suicide to save his soul. Written with panache and understated humor, The Hermit is thematically multi-layered, offering perspectives on issues ranging from the technicalities of bond trading, to the epidemic of mental health issues on Wall Street, to the extravagancies of high-end wellness establishments, to rightwing agitators preying on the underprivileged. Grishakova spins an alluring narrative from these thematic strands to form a dazzling tapestry of our current American moment.

The HermitAccording to Meghan Daum, “The Hermit is a stylish, sophisticated story of how internal turmoil can ravage the soul even as external success can nourish the ego. Ruthless, funny, and dazzlingly sharp-eyed on the details, Grishakova is a thrilling new voice…a Tom Wolfe for the Instagram age.”

Another reviewer called The Hermit “an extraordinary book…at once cerebral and melancholy, nimbly balancing metaphysics and the mundane…a book to be savored.”

And according to IndieReader, “Katerina Grishakova crafts a compelling character study of one man’s midlife journey to rediscover purpose and meaning beyond his outwardly successful but soulless career on Wall Street.”

Upon its release, The Hermit Kindle ebook claimed the #1 ranking on Amazon in biographical fiction.

Heresy Press Promotes Outspoken Voices to Meet the Demand of Today’s Robust Readers

Heresy Press was founded in 2023 with support from Joyce Carol Oates, Steven Pinker, Nadine Strossen, and other notable writers and public intellectuals as an initiative to counter the malaise of timidity, undeclared censorship, and identity-essentialism that currently plague much of mainstream publishing. Heresy Press publishes outspoken authors of all backgrounds, requiring only that their work demonstrate literary excellence.

“The readers we aim to reach are not frail creatures in need of protection from potentially discomfiting experiences but resilient, curious, and adventurous individuals,” said Bernard Schweizer, Founder & Director of Heresy Press. “The Hermit boldly transgresses against the expectations usually associated with female fiction, giving us a stirring tale of spiritual searching that will equally speak to male and female readers.”

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The Hermit is the second of several new books Heresy has lined up in 2024, with Animal by Alan Fishbone and Unsettled States by Tom Casey being released in the coming months. Also available from Heresy Press are the recently launched novel Deadpan by bestselling author Richard Walter, as well as Nothing Sacred: Outspoken Voices in Contemporary Fiction, a compilation of spellbinding stories on topics as diverse as crumbling male privilege, moonshine whiskey brewing, language policing, immigrant experience, sexual transgression, and plain heresy.