Unsettled States by Tom Casey


Unsettled States is a page-turning whodunit infused with notes of existential thought and carnal desire.

Tom Casey’s unconventional exploration of voyeurism, infidelity, murder, and spiritual corruption is shot through with flashes of social commentary and humor. When a small Connecticut coastal town is shaken by a set of seemingly random tragedies, a gripping investigation of facts and fabrications ensues. The cast of characters includes a troubled Peeping Tom, an unconventional psychotherapist, an atheistic detective, a dapper priest, and a victim of judicial error—all of them drawn into the vortex of suspicion, guilt, subterfuge, and expiation. In this story, the human yearning for beauty and pleasure overshoots its goal, with startling consequences. Lavish descriptions of American life and keen intellectual debates further elevate this story into a literary feast for the heart and mind.

Tom Casey spent decades traversing the world as a professional airline pilot. In addition to flying passenger jets and writing fiction, he also co-produced a recent film documentary, Flying Boat. Casey lives in Connecticut with his partner, Silvia Erskine, and Phoebe, their rescue dog. Unsettled States is his third novel.”

Page count: 285
Trim size: 6 x 9 in.
ISBN: 979-8-9887173-5-5

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