Nothing Sacred
edited by Bernard Schweizer & James Morrow


Exploring uncharted literary territory, Nothing Sacred: Outspoken Voices in Contemporary Fiction offers the reading public a compilation of spellbinding stories on topics as diverse as crumbling male privilege, moonshine whiskey brewing, language policing, immigrant experience, sexual transgression, and plain heresy.

At a time when the American publishing industry increasingly perceives fiction lovers as rather delicate creatures—easily offended, allergic to ambiguity, afraid to venture outside their comfort zones—Nothing Sacred: Outspoken Voices in Contemporary Fiction was born of the opposite assumption. While the twelve authors represented in this anthology could scarcely be more diverse in their worldviews, cultural backgrounds, thematic obsessions, and prose styles, they all share two attributes: an abiding respect for their readers, and a ravenous appetite for audacity. Among the characters you’ll encounter in these stories are a former child star who fears he has become just another piece of Hollywood jetsam; a band of Cuban immigrant children determined to celebrate Independence Day on their own terms; a Holocaust survivor turned serial killer; an alternate-history Malcolm X confronting J. Edgar Hoover’s squad of zombies; a medical student who supports himself by starring in video porn; a rogue AI in thrall to a notorious Christian heresy; and a Tennessee Trump voter with a gift for making moonshine whiskey and spouting colorful rhetoric.

Page count: 280
Trim size: 6 x 9 in.
ISBN: 979-8-9887173-0-0

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