Devil Take It by Daniel Debs Nossiter

A satire of the highest order—both acerbic and barbed yet also deeply invested in human decency and common sense.


Set in Trump’s Washington, Devil Take It is an ironic moral fable and an uproarious newspaper and political satire anchored in the current moment, yet timeless in its diction and humanity. Satan visits President Trump’s Washington as Dr. Grippin Fall, a psychiatrist. He diagnoses Eustace Bogges, editor of the letter page of the Washington Oracle, with a condition he calls mortality. Over the course of his therapy, the Devil instills into Bogges an irreverent gospel of laughter and mirth whose messiah is the 16th-century French writer François Rabelais. Meanwhile, Bogges mischievously contributes a pseudonymous letter to his own page suggesting that we’d be a hell of a lot better off if everybody would simply mind their own business. To Bogges’s astonishment and dismay, the slogan seizes the imagination of all of Washington’s inhabitants. Trump, too, embraces the notion but for his own political and financial gain, unleashing a final spasm of civil anarchy that brings history to a halt. Written in the grand satirical tradition of Mark Twain, Mikhail Bulgakov, and John Kennedy Toole, this is a devilishly funny tale filled with clever twists and absurdist delights.”


Page count: 200
Trim size: 6 x 9 in.
ISBN: 979-8-9887173-9-3

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