Book Bundle 1


Get all three novels  for $39.88, 25% off the cover price!
This bundle will go on sale April 19, 2024, and ship June 10, 2024

The Hermit by Katerina Grishakova: “A riveting novel about the murky world of New York investment banking that confronts the nameless discontent at the heart of high finance.”
On sale April 1, 2024: $17.95

Animal by Alan Fishbone: “A fierce work of autofiction whose gloriously incorrect life pulses with electrifying stories, both profound and profane, vulnerable and virile, animalistic and deeply humane.”
On sale May 1, 2024: $12.95

Unsettled States by Tom Casey: “A page-turning whodunit infused with heady notes of existential thought and carnal desire.”
On sale June 10, 2024: $18.95


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