Animal: Notes from a Labyrinth by Alan Fishbone


A radically uninhibited book that delves deeply into the muck and glory of life, confronting the enduring perplexities of love, art, and identity, while probing the human bondage to pleasure.

At times exuberant and at other times dark and haunting, Fishbone’s stories explore the twilight zone of New York’s seedy bars and cocaine dens; they reveal the troubled soul of a German expressionist painter; they describe a latter-day “hunger artist” exorcising his own demons; they let us participate in a Venezuelan bacchanal; they confront the tangled lives of sex workers at the margins of society; and they link our contemporary political, social, and personal fixations with the desires, anxieties, and hang-ups of Romans like Catullus and Horace. A work both outrageous and wise, Animal relentlessly probes the human condition in all its wretched and enthralling complexity.

Alan Fishbone has had a varied career as a writer, professor of Classics, martial arts instructor, bartender, construction worker, and sail boat captain. He’s still looking. In the meantime, when not offshore, he lives and works in NYC.

Page count: 115
Trim size: 8.25 x 8 in.
ISBN: 979-8-9887173-4-8

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