Editorial Procedures

After a writing sample is submitted via the online submission portal, the director of the press will make the first cut, often in consultation with another team member at Heresy Press. The principal criterion at this stage is “does it work at the sentence level?” i.e. is the writing assured, dynamic, original, elegant, vivid, poetic, and largely error free. If not, the submission will be rejected. But if the writing is strong, then a more sustained in-house reading will take place, focusing on other factors such as thematic appeal, relevance, plot development, pacing, handling of character, scene, dialogue, etc. If these aspects are found to be largely satisfying, the director will ask the author to submit the full manuscript. If the entire manuscript passes in-house evaluation, it will then be assigned to external readers affiliated with the press, who will be looking for overall artistic merit, coherence and originality, and the work’s heretical potentials. Based on both the in-house and the external readings, the press’s director will decide to accept, reject, or revise-and-resubmit. If a submission is accepted, an assigned editor will work with the author to polish the manuscript and enter it into the copy-editing stage.

Timing: Due to the large amount of submissions, decisions are rarely rendered sooner than 6 months after the initial submission; and especially if a project is taken into closer consideration, the duration between submission and decision is more likely to be 6-9 months. If a book is accepted for publication, it will be published within ca. 1 year of acceptance.

Heresy Press operates on the traditional publishing model, paying author royalties and never asking authors to subsidize the cost of publication.