Editorial Procedures

Readers affiliated with the press—published authors, scholars, public intellectuals, and publishing professionals—will read proposals and manuscripts and then forward their evaluations within 3 months to the Press’s Director, who will decide to accept, reject, or revise-and-resubmit. If a submission is accepted, an assigned editor will work with the author to polish the manuscript and enter it into the copy-editing stage.

From time to time, Heresy Press will issue a Call-for-Stories for a short-story anthology to be published ca. once per year. Full-length novels will be considered on a rolling basis, under the condition that the author first submit a proposal and a writing sample, along with a recommendation from another writer. Heresy Press will also consider work submitted through agents.

Heresy Press operates on the traditional publishing model, paying author royalties and never asking authors to subsidize the cost of publication.

Books will be published in softcover editions and as e-book and audio versions. Books will be available for purchase through the website of Heresy Press and through an online bookstore like Artmobile or a fullfilment center such as Itasca Books. Books will also be made available on Amazon and through other distributions channels, to be determined. Titles published by Heresy Press will be actively promoted by supporters and backers of the press and sent to influential book reviewers, podcasters, opinion makers, influencers, etc. Viral marketing is Heresy Press’s principal method of publicity.